Deep inside ourselves

Deep inside ourselves  
By Charles Portolano – Fountain Hills, AZ –

Deep in the sea, 
oh, deep in the sea 
where darkness rules 
the warming waters are  
percolating causing great grief, 
changing migration patterns, 
killing our coral reefs. 

High in the Alps, the Andres, 
high in the Himalayas,  
and on both of the Poles  
the warming snow  
flows down their crying faces
of the once frozen ice, now 
escaping into the warming seas. 

Rising sea levels, 
oh, rising sea levels 
now leaves so many homeless 
as she takes back her land, 
where we all came from 
in the beginning of our existence 
with our first breath of oxygen. 

Breathing in deep is a struggle, 
hurts each breath taken 
for the young, the old, the sick, 
all feel the burn in the back 
of their always sore throats, 
the endless coughing, just trying 
to catch their next breath. 

Deep in the back of our minds 
where we keep secrets, 
we know the end will be coming 
for our refusing to choose  
a new way to live sharing  
fairly all the resources Mother 
has to give to all of her children…  

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