Prose Poetry


Believe it or not, prose can be a form of poem, too. It is called
Prose Poetry. Its rule: write like a poem and do not break the line.
Its continuity with no break gives the poem strong feeling.
Prose poem is one of my favorite forms along with Free Verse and
such short poems as Haiku/Senryu, Gogyohka, Severed Seven Lining, etc.
Unlike Prose Poem, Free Verse has line breaks and stanzas.


To the new visitors, and sometimes not so new to my site, who
clicked like or follow: I tried to visit you back but unable to do so.
WP says your site does not exist. I know, most of time,
it is WP’s technical error.

—Byung A.

2 thoughts on “Prose Poetry

  1. True that WP does have tech errors. I too have run into this on some sites.
    I’ve not run into this problem on yours though. So I still enjoy your posts. Take care, be safe. 🙂

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