Faces of Autumn

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Faces of Autumn

We reflect myriad colors of faces
we have perceived in the passing season
like a broken mirror does in each
pieces as our leaves turn many hues of
red, gold…
with full of emotion:

disturbed by the voices of stones
those ignore very essence of law of
Nature, being, living, which echoes in

the dew drops of night,
in our red leaves.

She rides in the September sunbeams,
in the smile of brave ones. We cheer the
broken hearts, despaired, which mirrors

in the scent of Mother,
in our golden leaves,

fallen, gather beneath it the ambitious ones,
enrich the ancient beds,
as the young forest-creatures grow and
fatten for the coming winter, as
the trees recite the story of the autumn night.

This first appeared in the issue of The Avocet, Fall-2020.

© Byung A. Fallgren

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