Conundrum on the Dream


Conundrum on the Dream

My dreams used to be the echoes of the days’ play
of my own, real and pure.
As the years grew the dream lost all its true source,
tainted by strange force.

The voices of faceless one from outland,
somber stories, a soulless actor, me in fantasy land,
jumbled. Immoral flash fiction. Horror stories
of the twisted past and now;

unknown skeleton under the bed,
the heart-twisting emotion and feelings,
so real. I wake in the wee-hour, yet anger free,
sense the eyes in the moon in the tree.

In my closed eyes the wave rushes over,
slowly drag me back to the red sea.
I thrash the hacker off,
delete the images with a huff,

wonder if it would be like the effort
of changing the constellation of stars.
Or, invite the one rude
into my virtual sitting room, might be crude?

If you believe your dream is the reflection of your
thoughts and feelings of your daily life, think again. There
are people who manipulate your dream. I have read the articles
about people who learn to read mind go farther and insert
images into mind while you sleep, to make you see it as if your
dream. It is a way of communication, they say. Who are they?
The technic is designed to help secret service workers, like FBI
agents and the likes of them, to solve the crime. But nowadays,
criminals use it to steal information from people.
Weird? Yes, but it is true.

(C) Byung A. Fallgren

9 thoughts on “Conundrum on the Dream

  1. But I let you know that I am not imagining this–I am lucid. I know some people who read mind and do more. Sound crazy, but as our technology advances, sadly so does criminals’ technics to con people.

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  2. They cannot read your mind, only God can read your mind and know your thoughts. He created you. However by your actions and your verbal conversations to others, they can know your thoughts then try to inject their ‘technology’ into your mind. They use their AI technology to read your algorithms. They are far more advanced than what we know. Once you have verbalized something whether it be positive or negative, it is in the ether, and if these people are gaslighting you, they can use this information against you in your dreams. I know because it’s happened to me until I started disciplining my thoughts by not voicing my thoughts. If you’re a beliver in Gods Word, then take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus. Pray before you go to sleep and apply the Blood of Jesus over you in prayer. You belong to Him, and ‘they’ have no business trespassing into your mind. I know what you’re saying. I hope this is relevant and makes sense to what you wrote. 🙏

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  3. You spoke well on the subject as a Christian, and I respect your opinion. I believe in God but not exactly the same way you do. Pray or no pray, well-trained ones–I call some of them criminals–can read your mind. “Your actions and your verbal conversations to others” doesn’t matter; they can read your thoughts. They can read more accurately when you are thinking, alone. They inject not their “technology” but rather their thoughts into you while you sleep, as a way of “communication” as they put it.
    “Not verbalizing your thoughts and praying before you go to sleep” help you guard yourself from those, you said. I am glad for you. I wish it works for me too. 😊 Thank you for taking time to respond to me.


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