Economic Impact Payment, pandemic

Economic Impact Payment, pandemic

She is a single mom with four kids,
her three jobs struggle to make ends meet,
EIP, savior, at least for the month.
Her old parents, collect gold chips
their life-long sweats, also got EIP
they can do without. With a twinkle
in their eyes, they save it for their daughter.
If she rejects it, they would still keep it for
the extra fund for emergency, or donate it to
the local Food Pantry.
Uncle Sam: I hope EIP is doing for
its job for our…
Daughter: it’s a cup of warm tea for
the street person of cold night. Thanks.
I’ll keep the mask on and the distance.

©Byung A. Fallgren

6 thoughts on “Economic Impact Payment, pandemic

  1. Our children and grandchildren ae doing okay in this time of pandemic, so we donated our economic stimulus check to the local food pantry. We hope that many people who do not really need the money are doing that. These are really, really hard times for a lot of families.

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