Duel Disaster

Duel Disaster
Unusual snow storms in Texas,
will hit other states, they say.
Snow storms, pandemic, duel enemy;
test on our strength.
We stretch our arms,
reach every nook, revamp;
we are out-numbered and
outsmarted, put them all under
our mighty waves; put the toxic bubbles
under our feet, pop, pop, pop,
we will subdue it all.

Recent snow storms left Texans with no electricity, no water, in the cold, they report.
I feel sorry for them. We hope they get prompt emergency help they need.

–Byung A.

13 thoughts on “Duel Disaster

  1. Thank you. People (including myself) have been without power for 30+ hours at a time, no water, some place also no cellular service. Things seem to be returning to normal.

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  2. The republicans should never have dropped out of the American grid. That’s why they’re in the mess they’re in. It’s not the electric company but that fact that they didn’t want to be under Federal law. People should rethink who they vote into office, so it doesn’t happen again. I’m happy to see they are saving the animals and turtles. It has to be so impossible for people in a warm climate. and their republican government doesn’t believe in climate change. Even now.

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  3. Warmer states like Texas was hit by the unusual snowstorms seems to prove that climate is changing–one of many evidences. Also, I’m glad to hear some sources say that the situation in the state is returning to normal. Thank you for sharing your view.


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