On getting the vaccination

On getting the Vaccination

Whenever new pandemic erupts
drug companies rush to make vaccine,
taking each step; sapling stage to mature tree.
New ones are born, full of hope.
Leery-eyed welcome, for the missing nose;
need more time to bloom.
The newborns whimper, waving the tiny hands to
you: hug me, kiss me, give yourselves a try my potion.
See how it does. 
Knowing their plea is for you, you take
the green potion. Some fall ill, some ride the train
to another place to heal. Fear, distrust.
Yet no one blames them, for they need to grow.
Many desire to drink the potion, learn,
for that is the only way for
the youngsters grow mature.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines we have now are FDA approved. FDA
only permitted to give them to such vulnerable group as healthcare providers,
older people, and ones with health issues. There are side effects of
the vaccines. Some people get serious reaction after receiving the vaccination.
People fear and reluctant to get vaccinated, saying: “Wear the mask, wash hands
often, stay away from crowd, and you are fine. Why should I
get the shot and get sick?”

But many people get vaccination. I’ve gotten vaccination. Guess what? I had no side effect,
neither did the many people, except a little sore on the arm!  😊
I’ll get the second one soon.

–Byung A.

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