Saving the Apples of the Ailing Orchard

Saving the Apples of the Ailing Orchard

Many have lost
what they have strived for,
even the ones loved;
they blame the strange wind
from the beyond the sea.

Anger seemed natural,
pointing at the invisible one,
at the humans for being the cause.

Name calling only reveal
the insight blurred
of the first wave.
Quarrel about dis-dual,
east and west,
like children,

denying the mechanism of
the co-dependence, quarreling
at the ailing orchard
save the fruits?

©Byung A. Fallgren

I wrote this piece in December 2020, while the president Trump
was still in the office and blame China for the pandemic and talking
about dis-dual with the country, and so on. China, in return, pointed
to the travelers who spread COVID-19.
There are different opinions on the origin of the virus. Many
believe that it started in a lab or a small village in China. And I have
noticed some leery-eyes thrown in my direction during shopping.
Regardless where it started, treating the whole Chinese or who looks
like them like vermin is ridiculous.
Unsanitary people are not only in China; they are everywhere.
Here in America, for example, I have seen many times that the food service
workers wear the same gloves they used for cleaning when they serve the
customers! More than once, I have asked them to change the gloves
before preparing the food for me. They are busy is to blame. Still,
using the same gloves that are used for counting money or cleaning
the work area when they prepare the food for customers is not sanitary.
So, let’s stop blaming and focus on healing.

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