Near the End of April

Near the end of April
William Stanley Braithwaite

Near the end of April
     On the verge of May–
and O my heart, the word were dusk 
     At the close of day.
Half a word was spoken
     Out of half a dream,
And God looked in my soul and saw
     A dawn rise and gleam.
Near the end of April
     Twenty Mays have met,
And half a word and half a dream
     Remember and forget. 

Near the end of April appeared in Lyrics of Life 
and Love, H.B. Turner & Co, 1904. William Stanley
Braithwaite was born December 6, 1878, was a poet,
Editor. His books include Selected Poems, The House
of Falling Leaves with Other Poems. He died in 
Harlem, New York on January 8, 1962. 

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