from Japanese Hokku

From Japanese Hokku
by Lewis Grandison Alexander


O moon of to-night
Let me rest my head on you
And hear my life sing.


Look at the white moon
The sphinx does not question more.
Turn away your eyes.


The thought is no thought
Poem buried in my heart
Song that is no song…


You are life’s fountain
Spring from eternity
Flow not recklessly.


No works speak louder
Than the tragic look of eyes
Close yours out of love.

Above poems are chosen from the original works of “From Japanese Hokku”
by Lewis G. Alexander. He was born in 1900 in Washington D.C., an editor,
actor, and play write. His poems appeared in the magazines, The Crisis,
Opportunity, and Fire!! and the anthelogis The Negro (Albert and Charles
Bon, 1925), Caroling Dusk (Harper and Brothers, 1927), and Ebony and
Topaz, 1927. He died in 1945.

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