What in the piece

David Oscarson #3
Photo by David Oscarson–doscarson@yahoo.com

What do you see in the above image, except the lovely flowers?
I see the cupped hands of the publishers to catch the
blockbuster book manuscript tossed out  by a frustrated writer. Or,
hum, I see but I let your imagination at it.

Some publishers search for gems that touch the heart,
with subtle scents lingering round.
Some works transcend it all;
make them perspire, lost in the profound sea of emotions, yet
unsure to send the writer a glass of champagne;
let it simmer in hopes it withers; it never does;
it always hits the heart with the same feelings.
They keep it in-progress, till long past due;
when the piece finds a home elsewhere, they sigh in grief.

😁–Byung A.

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