Windy Morning Irrigation Pivot

Windy Morning Irrigation Pivot

At the end of the long arm,
his water gun game show vs.
her monster-breath;
the wings of the shower fly free;
shoots the water to the sun.
It howls; the audiance of bull-fight;
shoots the water to the wind; with
one bright watchful eye;
no missed spots at the edge;
learn the cowboy.
His love for the cows, swaddled in
the law of Nature; no fault love.
Pink clouds; poem of the morning sun
dance on the dews on the green blades;
foraging deer; on the cowboy hat
in the wind. The wings of the shower
fly free in the wind; the cowboy.

©Byung A. Fallgren

(I’m traveling where Internet connection is often difficult.
In two weeks I’ll be back home.)

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