Delayed Apology

Delayed Apology
                          for Clara

In the beginning, we were happy
that we will be together
in our world of art,
you let me leave my first footprint
in your garden.
Then it changed quickly like the hailstorm
in August. I sent you again
a few of my unique seeds for
you and to others, then
I forgot about it, having fallen
in the pond infested with invisible things
that made me ill and lose
my memory: I forgot to let you
know that the same one I sent you
were taken–I wished you were to be
the first.

Don’t even come back! your voice
froze my word.
I’m yearning for the day
made us smile; sometimes
I watch you from afar
or linger round your window,
lost a courage to see you.

©Byung A. Fallgren

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