winter Haiku/senryu

Photo by Elda Lepak–
                     pastel sky writes a letter
                     to the snow draped trees below
                     poem of winter silence

                     winter game in Beijing
                     the teen's dream shattered on ice
                     only she could revive it next season

                     as her son's wound closing 
                     the winter road trip also lessens
                     some memory-worn road

                         ©Byung A. Fallgren

11 thoughts on “winter Haiku/senryu

  1. Hi! It’s been a while but what a beautiful picture! It certainly looks pastel and reminds me of where I grew up; in the cold frozen-chosen Midwest….oh my! I’m in sunny AZ. and I don’t miss the cold, ice, snow and wind at all or the scraping of windows of my car or keeping it plugged in at night. Thanks for sharing it!

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