The Delusional Old man

The Delusional Old man

He's been eyeing on the family compound hillside,
prying on the nightly feud. He grows greed to own 
the place. Only if he can coax the landowner to abandon it.
Fool's dream.

He sprayed the fire-seeds over the compound
to scare the landowner, flee the homestead,
burning the house and all, leaving the children and
elders shiver in the cold.

The villagers rescue the landowner with the food and
warm clothes and build a shelter on the lot,
rebuke the old man for what he has done.
I only tried to stop the family feud, says the old man.

What should the villagers do with the old man?   
Take him to a mental hospital, says the boy.
You are my smart Ukraine boy. Grandma hugs him tight.
But, the boy continues, you didn't tell me why 
we are here in the train subway in this cold night. 
And why do they bomb outside?
I just told you, son. 

©Byung A. Fallgren

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