We Dream the Dream Dreaming Us

We Dream the Dream Dreaming Us
                                by Brian Tierney

You say we should wait--
It must have snowed all night or season,

we don't seem to know
and there isn't a clock.

I say then 

we should 

wait, I
trust you.

The page is blank outside.
we haven't heard in days.
There is not enough time for a whole new plot.

Inside, the wax dilates.
We sit in the dark
and wait.

and are separate,
but looking at each other--

Brian Tierney is the author of Rise and Float (Milkweed Edition, 2022).
A former Stegner Fellow and the recipient of the 2018 George Bogin
memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America. He lives in 
California, teaches poetry at the writing salon.  

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