She will be smarter, just like us

She'll be smarter, just like us
              For my granddaughter

On a spring day, a couple of robins
decide to build a nest, by the fake owl
whose duty is to scare away woodpeckers
drilling holes in the wall.

What is in the bird-mind? Let the owl babysit
their chicks; smarter than John on the street.

They sing joyfully when the three chicks 
emerged from the eggs; tell the owl to watch
their precious ones, while they search worms.

One night, an owl falls in love with the fake one,
then realizes he is wrong. But he finds the serendipity.
the three chicks in the nest.

The following day, the robins notice the empty nest.
In fury, she swoops over the cat scared and run away.

O-ho-ho, she laughs at the coward cat.
Sitting on the post, she grieves her lost chicks,
then flies away. Time to rebuild a new nest.
This time she will be smarter; just like us.

©Byung A. Fallgren

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