The boy with behavioral problem, young tree with a plague

The boy with behavioral problem, young tree with a plague

One day, a boy came to America to join his mom, half-brother, 
and the stepdad. Today, he is going back to his country overseas.
After arguing with her son for years on his behavior,

his mom has decided to send him to a boarding school in his country.
his dad would provide him with the best one.
good for him for sure.

When a child doesn't do well at school, academically and socially,
we prone to point at the parents. In some cases, parents deserve it,
some don't. Some children don't behave well, despite their parents'
effort to provide them with the best upbringing. Habitually, evading
homework, fighting with classmates, etc. can be a sign of bigger
problem in the future if ignored.

early intervention is necessary to steer him
in the right track.

So far, everyone supports his mom's plan for her son;
he has gotten what he needs to grow well,
like young tree with plague. Wish him the best.

Good roots and leaves make a healthy tree. 

©Byung A. Fallgren


6 thoughts on “The boy with behavioral problem, young tree with a plague

  1. I know what you mean, Derrick. He’s 12 and understands the situation. When there seems no better option, we just take what is given and hope for the best. Thank you so much for your opinion.

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