Winter, if only well-orchestrated

Winter, if only well-orchestrated

The cows wonder why the cowboy 
moves them down to the pasture only when
the snow covers the whole field; why 
doesn't he keep them, up in the high country.

Only you, mountain lion, laughs at the bovines,
not understanding the man who knows beyond
his field too much, much more than he needs.

Silent songs of the tall haystack at the edge of the
pasture; footprints, small and large, on the snow
sparkles in the sun; pronghorns be-friend with the cows.

Howling coyote at night, wakes the couple of 
bull snake in their home beneath 
the sagebrush on the slope,

asks why-me-e-e? like the shivering people 
in the shacks; responding voice, who, who;
this is winter says the voice, we need it
to cool our heads, time to sit back and
think and prepare for spring. Don't cry. 

(c)Byung A. Fallgren  

9 thoughts on “Winter, if only well-orchestrated

  1. I love the truth and wisdom you share with your lines: “we need it
    to cool our heads, time to sit back and/ think and prepare for spring”. Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it!

    Liked by 1 person

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