Moment of the Sun in the Shadow

Moment of the Sun in the Shadow

When we don't see the negative
appearance of within,
the reason for being narsistic
or be wild goer,
while the cells shrink.
The reflection in the mirror or
still water points to 

what we miss to see;
how we correct the wrong;
the mind, the real us;
where the dark lake turns clear to mirror
the blue sky and the clouds; where 
the snake can be morphed and born a sainthood;
or the moment of the sun in the shadow;
if only we could grab it safe,
the gay youth, full of dreams,
would've grown to reach the peak. 

©Byung A. Fallgren

Matthew Shepard, who was gay, died in October 1998
after two men beat him and left him tied to a fence 
on a plot of land outside Laramie, where he was 
attending the University of Wyoming.  Today,
a portrait honoring the life of Matthew Shepard is
on display at the Washinton D.C. 


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