Senryu (on health)

Senryu (on health) 

some hereditary disease
or condition as obesity can be controlled
evasive will-power

after a long thought
ordered a bottle of weight-loss
worthless to the food-lover

TB positive 
doesn't mean sick-guaranteed
only one-in-ten fall

*Person with TB positive (tuberculosis) doesn't infect others,
unless she or he is sick. Not everyone with TB positive ends up
getting sick, a doctor says. Only one-in-ten does.
Health professionals say when a person with TB positive's immune 
is low he or she can fall sick with TB.
In my observation, low immune system doesn't always trigger 
the disease. Some people with TB positive never get sick, even when their
immune system is low. They don't know exactly why.
So, I believe only one-in-ten people with TB positive get sick. Again,
no one knows the reason. They only guess some people's lung's wall is
so strong that the bacteria cannot penetrate it.   

--Byung A.  

2 thoughts on “Senryu (on health)

  1. Well Hi! It’s been a long time! So sorry….I blame covid on everything…LOL! Anyway, I plan on doing better and participating more this year. My health has greatly improved since I chanced upon Dr. Livingood’s website. I have gone from 120lbs. to 108 in less than 90 days! This is for real! Covid took a lot out of me but between the Lord Jesus healing me and working on my health habits; no drugs by the way…I feel great! I lost 1/3 of my hair and it’s come back, had no energy and that is returning…I only exercise 10 min. a day except Sunday; my church and rest day…and take Colagen, drink more water and eat healthy foods. Sugar is the big culprit and it’s almost eliminated from my life. This is a ‘lifestyle’ and so easy to be a part of. He’s a wellness doctor and his wife is a Nurse; he has 3 healthy children too. Oh, I recommend him highly! Check him out on YouTube and join his Crew if you can. He has loads of testimonials on his site worth checking out. I personally believe a lot of it is what we eat and how much. Hope this is helpful…

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