It drums in my ear when try to sleep
in the wee hours; failed dream.

It crawls across the back of the neck,
intense itch at night, test the will power
not to scratch. succumb, scratch, savor
the brief freedom. would be nice if
the world pain can be relieved by the quick stroke.

The PA prescribed a tube of skin cream:
steroid and other ingridients, used for cancer!
it didn't work, of course, for it is a devil.

It cackles, spreading: red, itch pain.
what made it wants to bother me so;
what I did wrong?
PA, even the doc couldn't figure out.

blame the hair shampoo; allergic to it.
exile Ms. shampoo; wouldn't do any good.

The hair dryer! Vidal Sassoon says,
Keep the drier six-inch away from the noggin.
Dump the villain and wait, see the devil vanish. 

Have you ever had hive from using the hair dryer? I have.
Hive is a skin rash that itch and lasts long. its cause is often
difficult to tell. allergic reaction from food, exhaustion, and others 
are common. Once I had hive, not knowing its cause, Then I 
discovered that the hair dryer could cause hive, if ignored the 
instruction on using the product:
"When use, keep the dryer six-inch away."
If the manufacturer mentioned as to "Why" I would have
followed the instruction!

Byung A. 

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