Cleverness, modern Wave

Cleverness, Modern Wave

The Farmer entered a contest,
after putting together the words
she raised and nurtured,
which she thought great,
waited for five months, hoping she'd win.

The final month, countdown;
four, three, two; the final week, she got a letter
from the judge: "Dear contestants, will you see me
at the ceremony?"

Having been suffering from arthritis, the farmer replied;
"I'm sorry, Ma'am, I won't be able to, perhaps next time."
Soon after that, she got a rejection letter from the judge.

The heartbroken farmer realized: the judge chose ones who
would go to the ceremony. What a trick.

She nods, with wry smile; 
this is how the brains of shady modern souls work;
in doing so, quality of winner's work and
the contest compromised.
Next time, she knows what to say to a clever judge.

Byung A. Fallgren



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