Pondering on Saving Earth

Pondering on Saving Earth

Climate change, everyone's concern,
but we wonder what to do; might 
these be halpful:
use natural gas instead of coal;
stop rainforests from vanishing;
walk or use a bike whenever possible, etc.

As to protecting our water source:
use the pesticide as less as possible;
do not throw used water with house cleaning
chemical agent on the lawn;
replace the lawn grass that require a lot of water
with other grass that need less water;
with some research, you can find one that fits
your liking. 

Polar bears, if they are in trouble, 
their ecosystems is in trouble; fewer of
them could lead to an over population
of sears, which threatens the fish population--
our food source. 

Protect other endangered species: tigers, 
saltmarsh sparrows, etc.

Cut down on plastics, if not eliminate it, 
and save millions of marine lives.

This Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day.  Happy Earth Day!
visit EarthDay2023.com to learn more. 

--Byung A.

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