Nearly or Surely Solved Mystery

Nearly or Surely Solved the Mystery

While visiting Son, we took the grand boy 
to the park, enjoyed the warm sun, geese on
the pond and took the photos. On our back 
home, we dropped by the store to get some 
soft drink. At home, we ate dinner prepared 
by daughter-in-law. That was a good day,
or so I thought. The grand boy began to get 
sick, then his dad also. We rushed them to
the emergency room. The doc. said they got
a food poison. 

We suspected the drink might have been 
contaminated by the unclean tank. But
why the rest of us who drank the same one
were fine? The food, I thought, might've 
been the culprit. We all ate the same food
she lovingly cooked for us.
Why the only two were sick? 

Jasmine rice, I pondered, the rice with 
the unfamiliar spices. I recalled when 
my son was on a business trip to China
he was very sick after eating food. 

I thought then unfamiliar food could cause
some people to get sick. Now, the jasmine rice
is not so unfamiliar, but the spices she lovingly
added to the rice might be.
Those spices, even to me unfamiliar, were 
from South Asia, the Indigenous ones.
The two might've been allergic to the spices!

All the people are the same in many ways,
but we have different perspectives, tastes, etc.;
one that is good to a person can be a waste to
others, even poisonous. 

Byung A. Fallgren 


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