The Days When the Stars Wept

The Days when the Stars Wept

To be a youth was a curse in nineteen-sixties
in the tiny corner of the world;
the peninsular divided in two, South and North;
joining in the bloody demos, after school hours,
like extra-curricular classes.
mostly out of patriotism; to rebuild the loose system.
the more often the parties went on, the more of them 
fell, the petals in the storm.
Everyone prayed in silence for miracle, to save them.

Then the time had come;
the night sky above the city was blazing;
the air smelled of gunpowder.
Everyone's heart leaped, but no one 
talked about it, in fear of the dark net
that might swallow them. 
the old leader's demise, and the General assumed
the Blue House as the frontier of the new age.

Many years later, the childhood friends still gathered
in memory of their brothers 

who vanished 
in the night wind. 

©Byung A. Fallgren

6 thoughts on “The Days When the Stars Wept

  1. Thanks so much, Jerry. Although I hadn’t lost my brother during those dangerous times, I had seen many college students who joined the protesters perished by brutal police force. Those days were etched in my young heart and would haunt to this day. And what’s happening now even here in America is a constant reminder.


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