The Abducted Boy

I woke to find myself lying in a glass case on a table.  A small machine-like thing was on the table near me from which several cords were extended to be attached to my head and arms.  I glanced around the room with nothing else but white walls.  What is this freaking place?  I tried to sit up but the cords kept me down.  As I began to pull them off from me, a young man in a purple gown came in the room.

“Good morning!” he said.

“Where am I?”  I asked, studying his pale, emotionless face.

“You are on our planet, Makumba.  Welcome.”

“Where are my friends?”

“They are in the other room.”

“I need to see them.”  I pulled the cords from my head and arm.

“Stop that!”  He grabbed my hand.  “It’ll kill you.”

Sudden dizziness knocked me down.  As he reconnected the cords to me the dizziness stopped.  “What the hell are you doing to me?”


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