A few years ago, I planted a little seedling of chamomile in the back of my house.  Now, they are everywhere in the back yard.  All I did was occasionally running the sprinkler.

There are two kinds of this plant.  German chamomile that is an annual, Roman chamomile that is a perennial.  The German chamomile is the one usually used in tea and herbal medicines.  A tea made from fresh chamomile flower tastes much better than commercial one that you can buy in stores.

Unfortunately, mine is Roman chamomile, the perennial one, so I can’t make tea out of the plants.  But the little daisy-like flowers are spectacular from June to July and the bloom lasts for weeks.

2 thoughts on “Chamomile

  1. Herbalists say that chamomile is hard to start from seeds. Not India’s climate is to blame. 🙂 Grow it from seedlings–young chamomile. That was what I did.


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