The Ridiculous Job Offer

“You will become the Assistant Chief of Security Department of Makumba.,” said Clive.  “We’ll give you a welcome ceremony tomorrow.”

“I cannot do that.  I’m only 16…”  Whoops!  I’m supposed to not remember anything.  “I know nothing about this planet!”

“Oh yes, you can.  I will show you.  I am the Chief of Security Department.  Relax in the other room and wait for the next instruction.”  He left the room.

He ignored that I remembered how old I am!  Why?

…I thought about the ridiculous job offer from Clive.  On second thought, it was better than hostility.  Perhaps I might be able to use the high post for my plan to go back to Earth.  Home!  Earth!  I remembered a lot more as the moment passed.  After all, the memory-erasing machine didn’t work on me, or so I thought.


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