The Assistant Chief of Security Department

I looked out the window toward the distant cityscape.  Dorm-shaped buildings and trees were seen through the pink fog.  Several, bubble-like vehicles were flying toward the city.

“The flying thing is called rumpom,” said Clive through telepathy.  His voice was so clear that I thought he was in the room.  “By the way, what do you think of the Director of Research Center?  Isn’t he generous?  Stopping by to see a humble one like you?”

“That tells how important I am to him.”

“You should feel honored.”


Seconds later, Clive came in the room, ordering, “Follow me.  I will show you your temporary quarters.”

I followed him out to the hall.  While walking across the hall toward a corridor, he said, “This is the Research Center for Extraterrestrials.”

I was rattled by a fresh anger that they tested on me without my knowledge for several days.  I fought my impulse to grab his neck and shake.

“Just be grateful for our hospitality.”

When we reached a door he said again, “This is your quarters.  Take a look.”

I took a swift glance around the scantly furnished small quarters.  So much for an Assistant Chief of Security Department of Makumba.  I scoffed.  “What did you do to  my…?”  I was going to ask him what they did to my friends then I realized I was supposed to not remember anything.  Not my friends, nor my past.



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