The Dame & the Baby

They sat next to each other at the airport
The baby in his mom’s lap fixed infectious
Gaze on the girl who had never seen
Others gave him
A smile

A dame next to the girl followed her eyes to
The baby and put a long frown on
The innocent face, turned her head
To another baby to stick a bright
Smile on him

The frowning woman, two different babies
The girl was troubled by the thoughts
What’s with the unfairness, lady?
Despite the dissimilar hue
Of their skins, the two are

Open your eyes wider
And you’ll
See it

Many years later, the memory was still fresh
In the girl’s mind when she saw the dame
Now a stooped old woman and the baby
A man crossing
The road

With a screech, a car halted to a stop
At the hobbling woman’s foot the
Startled man turned and put
His arm around her back
A smile spread on the
Woman’s face

The girl’s eyes brimmed
The haunting memory
No more

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