The Winged Great Dane & the Mysterious Whistle

Looking out the tiny cell window, I saw several torabus, the Great Dane-like animals, at the edge of the field.  Then a sudden whistle came from somewhere.  Some inmate was trying to get the torabus’ attention?  One torabu was moving toward the prison building and the rest trailed him.

When they came near my window I admired the magnificent creatures with their dark coats and folded wings glistening in the moonlight.  They appeared a mixture of a Dane and a horse but much larger than a horse.  The smallest one in the group turned its head to look at me with its intelligent looking eyes.  I remembered that #268 didn’t like torabu’s meat.  I understood him now.  How can they eat such beautiful creatures?

The whistle blew again.  The smallest one’s ear twitched at the sound as if he recognized the whistler.  He glanced around.  Seeing no one, he listened more.  As the whistle stopped he flew away, the others following him.


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