a jolt
of life
like a bug
flew inside
wrong place

feeling trapped
in eternal torment
not to blame
anyone but
wrong judgement

to examine
the cause
of wrong turn
and pursue


Twists and turns of life that seem evil at times
make you strong and resilient.  Cherish it for
your sanity as well.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  byungafallgren.wordpress.com)

5 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. A nice way you’ve cAptured what can happen to us. =) It’s funny you visited today bc I searched for you unsuccessfully in my inbox. Somehow I couldn’t pull up your past likes to enter your site. I appreciate the support and hope Measure of a Woman spoke to you in regards to your own mother. Wishing you all things good in the coming year.

    Write on. =)



  2. Thank you for your comment. As to Measure of a Woman, it didn’t speak to me in regarding my own mother. I wonder what it was about. =) Wishing you all things good in the new year.
    –Byung A.


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