another Haiku


a ditched bald eagle
weary trafic on the road
the horrendous December blizzard


Last Christmas, my husband and I braved traveling in the blizzard to see my son in Colorado.  The traffic crawled but fast enough for me unable to capture the photo of a bald eagle in the ditch.  At first, I thought it was dead but it began to poke at the snow.  Even the mighty eagle could not fly in the snowstorm and was taking a refuge in the brush by the road.  And because it was a bald eagle that was ditched, it struck me with a profound emotion that made me mutter the three phrases that didn’t nearly satisfy me….

2 thoughts on “another Haiku

  1. I didn’t know that it is a meaningful event in your culture and had a strong feeling about it. That proves that human feelings transcend culture. : ) Thank you for letting me know that it is an auspicious encounter. I need some good luck in 2017!

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