Blue Messenger

blue_jay_looking_for_a_hand_out_513853-2 copy

Have you seen a blue jay cry of a messenger?
The stroller has, when a child is bullied
on his way home walk from school,
when a man is browbeaten by an authority

They call her a mindless bird, the stroller
calls her a blue messenger of the day

She performs her best repertoire
ever so softly as echoes of a Buddhist monk’s
moctack in early morning meditation
Her song soothes the bruised heart
while the hand reaches for the child
Her song a healing astringent
A smile on the sullen face rivived

Her cry awakes the lazy afternoon with a doubt,
what’s in our official repertory?

*Moctack is a Korean name for the small, wooden ball a Buddhist monk strokes while chanting mantra in early morning meditation.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.

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