Demonic Emotion

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(Muse of the day)

Of all the emotions, anger is the most

destructive one we know, yet we ignore it

or assume we can manage it

Looking back, I realize how the things would have turned

out better had it not been for the anger

Regret, another villain that follows it, destroying the mind

Now that I’m older, I pause to think:

Like the poppy drops in the tea, a heat of anger

intoxicate us, making us blind and presumptuous,

quick to blame, even become violent, withering self-esteem

as the budding leaves in April snow storm

The damage done is often difficult to be reversed, if not at all

To subdue the rage, imitate a turtle’s cool disposition,

and we grow somehow wiser and

more lighthearted


To my friend Alison, I know you don’t need it but I share my thought with you anyway.
Have a great day!

(by Byung A. Fallgren.

4 thoughts on “Demonic Emotion

  1. This poem resonates today. Thank you for sharing stirring lines like these:

    ‘Like the poppy drops in the tea, a heat of anger
    intoxicate us’

    I do so love the cooling concept of imitating a turtle’s disposition.

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