In the Corner


In the quiet corner
every sound seem amplified,
the whispers of the juniper branches,
cries of the peacocks beyond the pasture,
see more than a normal eye can see,
among the alfalfa lies an injured doe, frightened
Owl perceives, crystallizes the insight into a wisdom,

amused when a couple of robins dared to build their nest
at his heel, horrified when a female owl flew over one night,
checked him out, noticed his falseness and
gobbled up the poor hatchlings instead

He shudders, knowing he would be like her, had he been
able to breath–a vice of life–although a part of him wishes
to be her mate, perfection isn’t meant to be

Owl woodpecker-watcher and the beholder merge in
one spirit for the stilly moment in the absence of pain,
anxiety, desire but peaceful presence, find
the momentary nirvana-like

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A.

5 thoughts on “In the Corner

  1. There are moments of sheer brilliance in writing and this is yours. You have reflected, and I believe through being one with the cosmic consciousness, I quote from the translation of ancient Indian texts the Upanishads, the soul of which you have expressed brilliantly. This is from the Mundaka Upanishad ” Ananda or delight is the highest fruition, where the know-er, the known and the knowledge becomes one. Here the philosophical quests terminates, the suggestion being that there is nothing higher than Ananda. This Ananda is active enjoyment or unimpeded exercise of capacity. It is not sinking into nothingness, but the perfection of being” . Brilliant writing.

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