In the Wind


My wings are vulnerable to the cold wind
as my heart bleeds for the estranged lover
The only strength in me is butterfly instinct
that guides me in the wind

I live by the rule of Nature,
enjoy being me, my ability
as the shrubs grow, loving sun
with joy of providing the shelter
to the weary one

It’s getting dark and the wind
bellows in the juniper,
me clinging onto the leaf for my life,
amazed by the sudden change
as if our separation isn’t enough a pain

I fear the long night, predators,
the lady with a camera

After the windy night
will come the warm morning light

When my wings warm again
I’ll fly to her, my dream; it won’t be vain

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren’s Blog.)

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