In the Wind (#2)

IMG_1348 copy

Morning unfolds, gently touching
my numbed wings by the chill, windy night,
encouraging me to go outside to the sunlight

I crawl out the refuge to sunbathe,
unaware of the imminent danger of
becoming a prey of a black bird
then the usual lady came to rescue me
Thankful but I drag myself away

My wings begin to regain strength
when suddenly it showered on me
she jerks the garden hose
It’s you again, butterfly!
Lovingly she stares at me

I then see my ex-lover flies by,
looking gorgeous as ever
I hurry after her, hoping we get together again,
without getting shot down by the garden-hose-rain,
for unpredictable and jealous is the lady’s mind


Observing this butterfly reminds me that humans and animals, including insects, share
similarity in many aspects of life.  Buddhists believe in reincarnation after death; we reincarnate in any forms:  birds, animals, etc.  They chase pesky insects away, instead of killing, using smoke or scent.  It’s good to know that despite the mass killings committed
by certain groups nowadays, respect for life is still alive and well not only by religious groups but also good people in general.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren’s Blog.)

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