Where is My Own Yard?

Sunday mornings are slow for me
unless something disturbs me in bed
like the neighbor yelling at her dog
“Stay in your own yard!”
Half awakened, I wonder where my own yard is
It’s where I live, of course
Once I left my yard across the ocean
for my dream, so did many others
And look what we have here now!
So you are not yelling at me, are you, lady?
Wise God didn’t tell Adam and Eve
to stay in their own garden
he only told them not to eat the apple
because he knew that eventually their children will
leave the garden with good reason for another planet
No need to complain that they ruined food by spicing it
You can always make a choice for what you want
Lift your heart and walk the dog
Enjoy the colors of this beautiful sunny day

This was written long ago also.  The lady was my old neighbor who used to yell at
her dog to stay in her yard.  At first, I thought she was nice, keeping her dog from
doing his stuff in other people’s yard.  As I got to know her I realized her shouting
had another purpose–expressing her opinion on my being her neighbor and beyond.
Later, we bought a little house in a quiet neighborhood where I could stay in bed late
on Sunday mornings.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

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