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Each perl, a sum of
her patience, hard work,
refined by the stormy waves
and moonless nights

embraces the serene face reflects
on particular memory glistening like
a shard on sands

Butterfly casts a shadow upon the mask
that has become her alter ego, to disturb

the sediment that’s now merely
a sand grain of yesterdays


I’ve been posting shenanigans over two years now,
getting to know good people who would read my posts
regardless good or bad.  It’s time that I rev up my site;
post better, interesting ones, etc.  But I’m not quite ready
to change anything anytime soon; I’m always busy–who isn’t?
But I promise I’ll do it someday.  Meanwhile, I hope my friends
would stick with me, or it’ll be just a journal–without them I would’ve
disappeared long ago.  For that, I love you, my friends.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

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