starting the day with a ding

i was startled awoken by a strange ding,
eyes wide open, head half asleep
what was that?
The sound hangs in the air like a giant spider,
pulsating in the dark

Stars of e-devices watch in silence
Close eyes to get back to the lost sleep,
curiosity squirming about the ding
as if an echo from a bad day

Low hum of the neighbor’s garage door opening
followed by the sound of car drives away,
the barking dog, beeping trash-pickup truck

Wide awake, open the Inbox to find a love letter
from a young man, politely asking my age
Re:  Old enough to be your mother

Another ding from the iPhone!
The message reads:  “…there’s nothing like finding
perfect app or game.”
Some message at 5:30 a.m.

The dawn meets the morning light
as the Earth sighs, rotating, apprehensive
for the unpredictable human affairs, yet aspirant
So the day starts, a bit different from yesterday,
wintry scent in the air, calm and hopeful.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)



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