It’s neither a hope
nor a solution but a
reckless fury tangled in
confusion of today
Excuse for self-defense
provoked by angry tit-for-tat
can turn into an irrevocable volcano
that takes innocent lives,
wounding the world
Wise answer lies within.

* I spoke over the phone with my sister in South Korea
the other day.  She told me to speak louder because
she couldn’t hear me over the noise outside.  According to her,
South Korea and U.S. military are jointly preparing for war
with North Korea, so constantly the military airplanes fly over
the residential district.
Are we really on the verge of another War?
Is it possible to resolve the problem in peace?

The historic Changgyeong Palace with downtown Seoul in the background

Looking at the cityscape and the old Palace,
one can see spirit of Tangun, the father of
the country hovers round, apprehensive for
the current situation in the land.  One also
hear him saying, “Listen, my children, this is
homogenous people’s nation; you are all my
children.  Get along!  Then he retreats into
the deep of the ancient palace, praying to
Buddha for the country and world peace.
One is hopeful somehow everything will be fine.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

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