Uncertain night

Tentacles of hacker hovers
Over the brainchild,
Swaddles it in the frost,

Old neighbor is moving
In the rain, leaving the
Nostalgic soul behind,

Moon hides behind the veil of
Fog sips through the
Dragon lady’s folded wing,
Drowns her in the night,

Sliver of light shines the gloom,
Like lover’s magic touch
on the ancient wound,
Lifts the blue, laconic,
I review the night
In a different light.


© Byung A. Fallgren

6 thoughts on “Uncertain night

  1. Depressing? Yes, that’s exactly how I felt. Morbid? It depends on how you understand the poetry. I’m sorry to make you feel that way. But the last two lines shows hope as I see the night in a different light. 😊 Thank you so much for the comment.

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  2. We all have jolt moment now and then. Just let the steam out by writing rather than violent act then try to overcome it is what I do. Oh, I already feel the cheer in the air! Ha, ha.


  3. A neatly moody piece; I like the upturn of the last two lines. I have always tried to write myself out of a down mood, usually with an upbeat poem.

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