14 thoughts on “On hardship

  1. Thank you for sharing it. I was born right after the Korean War! So you can imagine how hard my life was, being a pain in the neck to my older siblings and parents. It was miracle we all survived the war.

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  2. Beautiful message, and very true, reminds me of a certain someone who had a hard time and is now a very strong and wise person… thank you for sharing! 😊

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  3. I was also born after the Korean War. My father served in that conflict, in a noncombat role. Even so, he was almost killed while he was there. He was working on a heavy truck and someone let the jack down without checking, pinning him and squeezing his chest. He would’ve died except for a young Korean boy who was nearby, saw what happened, and cranked the jack up by hand.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and then watch out!


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