The Avocet

The Avocet, a journal of Nature Poetry,

Hello, everyone,
I have been quietly supporting environmentalists for some time,
so I would like to break the silence by reminding you again
The Avocet, a journal of Nature Poetry that is packed with the
Nature saving articles and quality poems of Nature loving poets
in the world. I’m delighted to have my poem “Beneath the Snow
Dream Pulsates” published in the The Avocet, Winter–2020.
This is a compact volume with beautiful winter-themed poems
that walks you through wonders of winter beauty.
A sample copy is $7.50.
To buy the copy, write to:

Charles Portolano, Editor
The Avocet
P.O. Box 19186
Fountain Hills, AZ   85269

Thank you all.

–Pyong (Byung) A.

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