at the Church Dinner

Aroma was homey in the holy man’s
invisible presence. I glanced around
At the faces at the table.
“Do you mind my sitting here?”
Amicably I said.
“Not at all,” a plump lady replied.
Light conversation went on, pleasant as spring.

“Everything’s fine there?” A loud man lumbered over
To our table. Everyone turned to the man.
“I was just,” the man went on, his goggling eyes
Over me, the only Asian woman there, “checking, since
She’s a trouble maker.”

Startled, I let my eyes followed the man strutting
Away. Strange man, I thought.
I turned to the plump lady. “We’ve been doing just fine
here, haven’t we?” I said.
“As long as you don’t make trouble, that is,”
She snapped. The balmy atmosphere in the room earlier
Had turned to chill.

Pastor’s wife hurried to the empty table nearby, speaking
Under her breath, “He’s just, uh…”
“Just what? I said calmly.
She mumbled, gibberish.

I changed the subject,
“How is Amy?”
“she’s getting married soon.”
“I’m happy for you, both,” I said.
As we continued on, the room regained
the warmth, and the nasty twister settled
down.  Still I could not believe
What just had happened, I considered:
At the church dinner, so called a Christian man
Affront a woman in front of the whole congregation?
Will he ask Jesus for forgiveness?
Forgiven, will it make him right?

©Byung A. Fallgren

11 thoughts on “at the Church Dinner

  1. No, it sure doesn’t….not sure if I understood this correctly but I haven’t ever experienced this at a Church dinner or otherwise, or maybe I just don’t notice….Mmmmmmmm. I believe people should say what they mean and mean what they say, I do and I don’t beat around the bush or waste time like that. Interesting post!
    Hope your New Year is going well!

    Liked by 2 people

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