(Excerpted from “Life”
by Carrie Law Morgan Figgs


A moment of pleasure,
     An hour of pain,
A day of Sunshine,
     A week of rain,
A fortnight of peace,
     A month of strife,
These taken together,
     Make up life.


At daybreak a blossom,
     At noontime a rose,
At twilight ’tis a rose,
     At evening ’tis closed.
The dim of confusion,
     The storm of life,
These with other things
     Make up life.

“Life” appeared in Nuggets of Gold (Taxon Printing Company, 1921).
Ms. Figgs was born 1878. A teacher, a community. leader, Playwright, 
and poet. She authored Poetic Pears, Nuggets of Gold. 
She died in 1968. 

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