Little things that Brew Good morning


Little Things that Brew Good morning

He once edited my book; the ruddy, brusque friend of
my hubby and me. His wife’s sudden death brought 
a chasm between us though.
Lest he lonely, I requested him Friend on Facebook.
confirmed he did; the platform of his character show,
with all the pink-green words I ignored;

to my kind hello, he’d return a face of hale cloud;
the overgrown, sting caterpillar in my childhood,
that gave me goosebumps,
resulting the Unfriend him on FB;
I avoided him; guilt sneaking in my back.
One morning, I saw him at the Post Office.
Even before my hello,

he said with a grin, good morning, young lady;
just like the old days.
With a smile, I said, good morning. How are you?
Dandy and peach.
I beamed.
It’s so good to see you, young lady. His smile bounced.
So good to see you. My smile rode the sunbeam,

to plant a kiss on the scruffy cheek. Some sweet brew.

©Byung A. Fallgren


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