Sound of One October Afternoon

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Sound of One October Afternoon

In the backyard, when read a book,
with the warm sun by my side,
myriad sounds tease my ears.

Sound of apple in the tree ripening,
its aroma, green yet sweet in the eyes;
at the children on the scooters the dog barks;
a flock of doves’ coo, flashing the patterns
in the near sky, flying artists;
the lone bumble bee groans,
hovering over the withered blooms, grumbling,
where do all the others go?

A stealth approach, silent yet loud,
in my inner ear as the time:
two brothers, with the slender and delicate
antlers, bucks!
their curious eyes on me,
what’s that lady on the chair doing?

I smile, a long smile, until they turn and
moon, their white moons, and trot off.
I brush off and get up, grateful for
the blissful moment, untainted
by the somber world bruised.
Embraces me silence,
etches in my mind a note. I miss you.

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©Byung A. Fallgren

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